Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP)

Friday, 21st April 2017
30 Hours
2-3 HOURS on Friday’s

Course starts on: Friday 21st April 2017
Registration closes on: Friday 21st April 2017
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The workforce is the most valuable resources of any enterprise irrespective of its size and activities it is involved. Managing the workforce has become one of the key functions of the companies due to the importance it plays in achieving the objectives of the company. As the companies are pouring in more resources to manage it’s workforce effectively, the importance of hiring the trained professionals to manage workforce development has become very critical. AIBM’s Certified HR Professional Program prepares you to handle  most of the entry level and mid level positions in HR Department.

Training and Certification Benefits

The CHRP shows that you have completed Professional level education in Human Resource Management and that you have the skills and experience to work professionally in Human Resource Department.

If you’re an HR Professional when you become HR certified, you:

  • show you know the most current principles and core practices of HR management
  • become more marketable when you compete for top HR positions
  • raise your professional confidence among your staff and your peers
  • have the ability to use the designation CHRP on your business card and resume
  • have access to the AIBM professional network and body of information online
  • receive the gold embossed CHRP Certificate with your name.

If you’re an employer, when you train your employee for CHRP certification :

  • you will have qualified professionals who are trained to handle your most valuable resource – Your workforce.
  • your HR department will be systematically complying with all the legal requirements.
  • will help you keep your organization legal by complying with regulatory requirements
  • manage people development effectively
  • maintain work atmosphere and build the corporate culture
  • manage conflicts and disputes effectively
  • improves employee retention and attrition rate

when you insist on certification for your professional HR staff, you help to ensure updated HR programs and policies in your organization. See how a certified HR staff can help your organization stay competitive and current on important HR-related issues.

CHRP - Certification Requirements

Delegates must meet the following criteria to be eligible to become CHRP:

Attendance – delegates must attend all sessions of the course. Delegates who miss more than 1 session (3 hours) of the course sessions will not be eligible to sit the course exam.

Successful completion of the course assessment – After successfully passing the exam the Certificates will be prepared by the AIBM and can be collected from our office.

The CHRP certification will be received approximately one month following the close of the assessment.

Learning Objective
  • Understand the operation of an HR Department
  • Understand the recruitment process
  • Demonstrate thorough understanding of the nature of HR as a managerial function.
  • List all HR functions and responsibilities and identify their contributions to organizational success.
  • Write an HR strategy while ensuring its alignment with the overall organizational strategy.
  • Measure the contribution of HR to the bottom line in profit and non-profit organizations.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the Human Resources function through the use of smart Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and indices.
  • Demonstrate how a competency framework can increase the effectiveness of the HR function.
  • List the core competencies for an HR professional.
Course Modules

Module 1 : Strategic Role of HR
Module 2 : Staffing and Employment
Module 3 : Employee Relations, Health & Security
Module 4 : The legal environment and HR
Module 5 : HR Performance Management
Module 6 : Human Resource Development

Who Should Attend?
  • New Job Hunters in the Market looking out for any Opportunity
  • Those working in HR Department looking to UpSkill or Skill Certification
  • Graduates and Under-Graduates joining the HR field
  • Anyone interested to shift to HR Field
  • HR professionals seeking a comprehensive overview of the field
  • Personnel Managers developing a Human Capital function.
  • Support Staff who are additionally handling the HR Jobs.
Training Methodology
  • Interactive & participation
  • Audio Visual Presentations
  • Discussion & Group Activities
  • Exercises & Group activities
  • Case studies & best practice examples


  • The training was practical and we got to learn the operational and management side of the HR Dept.

    Manish Front Office Executive